An Airbnb Experience
Photo: Supplied
An Airbnb Experience Photo: Supplied
An Airbnb Social Impact Experience
Photo: Supplied
An Airbnb Social Impact Experience Photo: Supplied
DURBAN - Airbnb has announced the launch of Experiences in Johannesburg and is calling on "passionate entrepreneurs" to submit their Experience ideas.

Currently, there are 30 Experiences available on the platform as well as the countrywide expansion of Experiences. Entrepreneurs can submit their Experience ideas for their area as Airbnb is open for host submissions from all across the country.

Experiences are actually activities or excursions which are led by the local hosts highlighting their interests and perspective and one of a kind places that people might not have experienced before.

After the launch of Experiences launched in Cape Town in 2016, the people of Johannesburg now have the opportunity to show off the "City of Gold" as well as become a part of the local economy.

Experiences in Johannesburg can range from experiencing urban farming to visiting one of the biggest townships in the country, Soweto, to partying all night at some of best nightlife hotspots in the city.

Social Impact Experiences are also available in the city. With Social Impact Experiences 100% of the profits from the proceeds will go to the hosting organisation and Airbnb will forego their fee.

"Hosting a Social Impact Experience is a great opportunity to raise funds for our NPO. We are looking forward to meeting people from around the world and to encourage them to look after their seniors" said Airbnb.

An estimated 30% of the Experiences booked in South Africa are Social Impact Experiences that support various organisations.

Since their in 2016, Airbnb Experiences has grown drastically. Both globally and locally Airbnb has 13000 Experiences in 180 cities.