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CAPE TOWN -  Facebook yesterday launched a data abuse bounty program to incentivise anyone who can prove the misuse of Facebook data. 

In an effort to clean up its tattered reputation, the online social media company which has been criticised for its data breach and exposed the information of millions of Facebook users has launched a bounty program.

After a public blow up, Facebook claimed that the data from the breach was wrongly shared with political data firm, Cambridge Analytica. Since then, many companies and Facebook users have retorted back with anti-Facebook campaigns and distanced itself from the company. More recently, in a testimony to Congress, the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg apologised for the breach, saying he is sorry for the data misuse and it was his “mistake”. 

However, his apology which has also featured in top UK newspapers last month did not seem to convince users that all can be forgiven. More importantly, Facebook users now question their trust in the brand. 

This holds a lot of weight, especially as Zuckerberg’s company stands to take a hard knock in profits. 

Already, the social media powerhouse reportedly lost R844 billion in just 10 days after the Cambridge Analytica scandal. 

Now, Zuckerberg and his team is gearing up to buffer up on its security and has pulled out all the stops, even offering a public incentive. 

According to Facebook, the bounty program will help facebook take action against bad characters. 

In a Facebook post by COO of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook says that the bounty program will help the company to take action against bad characters. 


How the program works is:

-Users can report security flaws to Facebook 

-Facebook will then take action against the security breach by either terminating the application from their platform, initiating a forensic audit or taking legal action against the company or other parties. 

- People who report a data breach also reportedly stand to receive up to R483 416.

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