Zulzi is an on-demand delivery grocery platform where customers can order anything from major retailers. Photo: Supplied

DURBAN - Zulzi is an on-demand delivery grocery platform where customers can order anything from major retailers such as Woolworths, Pick n Pay, Pick n Pay Liquor and Clicks with everything delivered to the customer within an hour.

Zulzi delivers groceries to your door within an hour or whenever you want. Companies that have partnered with the app can offer coupons or promote their products to customers. 

They can also buy Zulzi search keywords similar to Google Ads where your products can be ranked on top when customers search on Zulzi. '

The app provides brands with useful insights that will enable them to understand the customer behavior which is changing rapidly.

The platform which was launched three years ago in September 2016 currently has more than 55 000 registered users on the platform and their top customers have spent over R350 000 on the platform since inception.

Customers are able to perform the following on the app:

1. They can chat with the shopper in real time which is a very useful feature to have when you have products from the retailers that are out of stock. 

2. They can track the progress of their order and also track in real time the number of items picked by the shoppers on the app.

3. We use machine learning to build each and every user preference of items based on previous purchases which makes it easy for users to pick the items they love the most.

According to Zulzi, the delivery fee to deliver your groceries to your home is R45 and the app also charges a service fee.

The company said that their target market is anyone who wants their time back. Zulzi has seen a high adoption of spending coming from the higher LSM customers who will order from us 8 times a week. 

Currently the on-demand delivery grocery app is available on both iOS and Android.