WATCH:Nigerian start-up wants to end poverty in Africa with local farmers

Published Nov 22, 2017


LAGOS - Empowering local farmers is the main aim of this agri-tech platform, known as Farmcrowdy connects. 

The platform hopes to link investors with local farmers to boost capital and productivity.

Farmcrowdy uses the funds that you sponsor to secure the land, engage the farmer, plant the seeds, insure the farmers and farm produce. Once a full farming cycle is completed, farmers sell the harvest and then pay you as the sponsor a return on their sponsorship. 

Recently, the start-up launched it's very own mobile app to allow operations to be easier and more accessible. 

How it works:

1. Go on the app or the website and Identify a farm of your choice 

2. Sponsor as many units as you can afford by paying the required amount. 

3.You get to experience the farms by receiving updates and progress reports

4. At the end of the farm cycle duration, you will be paid your initial sponsorship and returns after harvest.

Additionally, If you are unable to afford to sponsor a farm immediately, the Follow Farm option on the app allows you follow a farm that interests you. There is a variety of farms that one can sponsor  including Maize Farms, Poultry (Broiler) Farms, Cassava Farms and Tomato Farms. 

According to Onyeka Akumah, Co-Founder and CEO, “Farmcrowdy is a revolutionary platform, one that has the ability to turn Nigeria’s economic fortune for good leveraging on technology to impact on the Agriculture space.”

In one year, Farmcrowdy has made an impact on over 4000 farmers.


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