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CAPE TOWN - The Right2Know Campaign released a statement on the resignation of Jacob Zuma and they feel that no tears should be shed. 

"We will remember him for the Secrecy Bill, Marikana and for his corruption. The Secrecy Bill, which was at one time his hallmark legislative effort", said The Right2Know Campaign. 

The organisation states that the Secrecy Bill would have been used to cover up the secret dealings of government institutions.

That the bill would have criminalised the work of journalists, whistleblowers and activists who tried to bring information to the public.

"Zuma will be remembered for Marikana. We will never forget that the police gunned down people on live television; They committed murders and cover-ups all in the protection of mining capital. To this date not a single person has been arrested for these murders, except for the miners themselves", said the organization. 

"Zuma will be remembered for selling out the people of South Africa in a series of secret and corrupt deals - not only those labelled 'state capture', but also his deals with European corporations as part of the Arms Deal, and his relentless pursuit of a secret Nuclear Deal with Russia", said the organisation. 

The campaign also took to twitter to share their thoughts:

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