New KPMG's CEO, Nhlamu Dlomu

CAPE TOWN - Nhlamu Dlomu is the newly appointed KPMG Chief Executive Officer, but who is Nhlamu Dlomu? 

KPMG's new chief executive has been tasked with rehabilitating the company, redefining its conduct and crisis managing the media storm the company is embroiled in. 

We take a look at her credentials, experience and why KPMG chose her to lead the company out of the state its in. 

Dlomu was previously KPMG South Africa’s Head for People and Change. 

KPMG sees her as a highly experienced partner with extensive client experience, leading a significant transformation in the financial services and other industry sectors in South Africa and overseas.

She has over 17 years’ experience in management consulting, management roles gained mainly in organisational development and human resources across various industry sectors. 

She has also served as a human resources executive for organisational development at Nedbank. 

In her interview with the SABC, Dlomu stated that her new appointment caught her by surprise, adding that it came relatively quick.

Commencing her tenure in a new role, Dlomu intends to rebuild the firm's trust with clients and the entire South African community.

Dlomu says she is not a technical specialist in auditing, but she has been in the environment for a while and will work with a highly experienced team of auditors. She hopes that this will help push the firm forward.

Dlomu added that she is determined to do whatever it takes to restore KPMG's tattered reputation.  

One of the first steps she will do in this process is to begin a dialogue with those who have threatened legal action against the company. She also hopes to retain those companies who have also threatened to withdraw their business, The Citizen reported.

“I am very proud to have been named the new CEO of KPMG in South Africa," Dlomu said. “KPMG has a long and distinguished record of service in South Africa. Ethics and integrity are fundamental values of KPMG and these will be the guiding principles of my leadership,” she concluded.