Woolworths has launched in-app shopping on their lifestyle app Photo: File
DURBAN – Woolworths has launched in-app shopping on their lifestyle app to make it "the most comprehensive retail app in the country".

According to the retail company, they wanted to create a completely integrated customer experience. 

There has been a 34 percent growth in Woolworths online sales from June 2018 and a 77 percent increase in Woolworths online fashion sales to June 2018. 

Liz Hillock, the Woolworths Head of Online said "mobile is a crucial part of our digital strategy. More than 60 percent of the traffic to Woolworths.co.za comes from customers browsing on their mobile phones and over the last year alone we have seen 64 percent growth in mobile transactions."

Hillock added that customers want to be connected on-the-go and the Woolies app is designed to create a shopping community that is connected, with easy access to products and information. 

Here is a look at some of the Woolworths app features:

After the launch of the updated app on Android and iOS in 2016, there has been a 50 percent increase in app registrations.

"The initial launch of in-app shopping has already exceeded our expectations from a sales perspective. We see mobile as the customer’s channel of choice and there is no doubt that mobile will lead the way towards an omni-channel retail experience," Hillock said. 

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