Starbucks has partnered with Bitco Telecoms to offer faster internet connections to their customers. Photo: (AP Photo/Eric Risberg, File)
DURBAN - Starbucks stores in South Africa will be offering 1Gbps (gigabit) internet to their customers after announcing a partnership with BitCo Telecoms. 

1Gbps is equal to 1000Mbps which is much faster internet in comparison to the average internet in South Africa which according to a 2017 report by Akamai Technologies is 6,7Mbps.

Currently the fast internet will only be available in Melrose Arch and the Marc but there are plans to make the faster internet connection available at all the Starbucks stores in South Africa. The international coffee company just opened their 12th store in South Africa in Sandton City. 

According to a media statement from the company, this faster internet connection is not only a first in South Africa but globally. 

The move to introducing a faster internet connection at the Starbucks will definitely draw in more customers to their store because people like to work on their laptops and tablets at coffee shops. Plus more young people will be drawn to Starbucks stores because it is a cool hangout spot and faster internet is definitely something that young people cannot live without. 

However, just because the Starbucks store has a gigabit connection it does not mean that full speed will be available to all customers. The speed of the internet can be affected by the number of people in the store and internet traffic. 

BitCo Telecoms is according to their website, a national telecommunications service provider that builds, maintains and manage private fibre optic and wireless last mile network across South Africa. 

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