Picture: An image of a woman appears on the side of a Kulula airline. (Supplied).

CAPE TOWN - If you think you have a face that should be celebrated across South African skies, your face can be featured on one of South African airline, kulula's planes. 

The Comair-owned airline is inviting individuals to partake in their Travel Hater, Face on a plane competition. 

Kulula is looking for six individuals who believe that they can render the the most convincing poker face, fresh face or long face. The airline is looking for a 'face-changer' in what seems like an attempt to make flying fun in South Africa.

"All six winners will have the honour to be famous for a selected time period having their funniest face flying all over South Africa on one of our kulula.com planes", said Brand Communication Manager at kulula.com, Luane Lavery.

The airline is the first in the aviation industry in South Africa to place people's funny faces on their airlines, added Lavery. 

Kulula has not yet disclosed the motive behind this "once in a lifetime opportunity" but what we do know is how interested individuals can go about applying. 

The competition will see 6 lucky winners' face on one of kulula's planes. 

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This is how you can go about applying:

- Visit the kulula website

- Fill in your information along with your best "plane face" to enter 

- You will receive your personalised video which you may share with friends and family

- Challenge your friends and family to a face off 

The winners will then be selected on three different selection processes which will each identify two winners. 

The competition began on February 18, 2018 and ends at 23:00 pm on April 24, 2018. 

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