Cape Town - Cosatu and the SACP have agreed to form a task team to fight the possible privatisation of Eskom and mismanagement at the SABC.

In a joint statement on Wednesday, they said the team would form a consolidated plan of action to take on the state in those two areas.

The formation of the team was a sign they needed to strengthen their alliance if they were going to effectively fight the ANC and the government where there were policies they did not support.

The alliance between the two has taken a knock, especially over the last year, because of the infighting in Cosatu.

The government had been able to take advantage and introduce anti-worker initiatives such as e-tolling and the employment tax incentive.

A number of issues had been discussed at talks in Joburg on Monday, including how to ensure the second radical phase of the country’s democratic transition being promised by the government, took place.

“The meeting agreed that at the centre of the programme must be the need to fundamentally transform the structure of our economy and advance social transformation, and that this requires taking forward progressive policies,” Cosatu and the SACP said.

They reaffirmed that a state-led industrial action plan needed to be at the centre of the second phase and it had to be buttressed by mass mobilisation.

This included reaching a 75 percent local procurement target, especially in the public sector, and strengthening competition authorities to deal with monopolies.

“But all these cannot be achieved without building a strong Cosatu, SACP, an effectively functional and fighting alliance leading social, economic and political campaigns on the ground,” they said.

Cosatu also used the talks to brief the SACP on what progress the ANC had made to try to unify the trade federation.

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