Jostina Mothipe via Twitter

JOHANNESBURG - The Democratic Alliance in Madibeng on Monday said it would monitor an investigation that was requested by the MPAC (Municipal Public Accounts Committee) into seemingly irregular overtime payments in Madibeng.

This follows after three officials, employed in the Executive Mayor, Jostina Mothipe's office, received exorbitant overtime pay-outs after they allegedly worked an average of 12 hours overtime per day for a period of five months.

In this latest scandal, the three earned more than half a million Rand in overtime money from November 2016 to March 2017.

“They claimed they worked 232 hours overtime in January, resulting in a pay-out of R38 000 each. In February the same three employees earned R27 000 each in overtime and in March more than R30 000 each with 187 hours of overtime,” said DA. 

The party said none of them were employed in essential services, but in the Mayor’s office.The ANC has lost the plot a long time ago in Madibeng. This was just clear evidence of mismanagement and irresponsible governance.

“The executive mayor of Madibeng is complicit in either fraud or serious mismanagement as evidenced by the fact that three officials in her office apparently work 20 hours per day. This is also in direct conflict with legislation in the Basic Conditions of Employment Act”.

“These officials are earning hundreds of thousands of rands while Madibeng is choking in sewage and again it proves that the Executive Mayor is not serious to stamp out fraud, corruption and fruitless and wasteful expenditure,” said DA.

The DA said it would not stand for this and they would ensure that a proper investigations takes place and that money that was earned irregularly was paid back to the municipality.