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MAHIKENG - The North West Department of Tourism recently embarked on a cleaning campaign, this was in line provincial government’s setsokotsane 10 by 10 campaigns.

The campaign aims to create and improve continuous provision and delivery of services to its to its citizenry, and to promote social cohesion and healthy lifestyles amongst others.
The campaign which was carried through Departmental officials ensured paved a way for responsible tourism and further made it a point that the capital city and its environment remain clean. 

North West MEC for Tourism Desbo Mohono also called on communities to remain responsible and keep their environments clean at all times. “The venture is one critical element in the Tourism Sector. I therefore urge community members to work with government in achieving this objective. A Public Private partnership is critical in this regard and adherence to municipal bylaws will assist greatly in keeping our environment clean. Cleanliness will further guarantee a good clean bill of health for our citizens, more especially children”. 
Speaking during the campaign, Departmental spokesperson, Dineo Lolokwane said that it was important to keep our environment clean. No pile dirt must be overlooked whether small or big as this will have a direct impact on our environment and subsequently affect our tourism products.
“Tourism is a very sensitive sector and in most cases for the business to be successful it relies heavily on reputation and referrals, we need to keep our environment clean at all times to attract more visitors to Mahikeng, which is the capital of the province. Besides, cleanliness is next to godliness”, said Lolokwane.  
Director for Planning and Industry Performance, Basil Jonkers said that Setsokotsane 10 by 10 Campaign was not only about cleaning. He said that the campaign included various other activities which will take place for a period of about 10 days. “As a department charged with mandate to promote tourism In the province, we want to ensure that we have a clean Mahikeng in order to attract people and have return visits as part of sustainable tourism”, said Jonkers
“The Provincial government has set aside 10 days of every month to roll-out 10 activities which will include Bua le Puso Community Meetings at all Wards, Cleaning and environmental activism, VTSD Entrepreneurship Development, Anti - Obesity programmes, Roads and street light fixing, Payment of rates and taxes, Mobilise society to support Education improvement programmes, Initiatives to fight Greed, Crime and Corruption, Saamwerk-Saamtrek in the Reconciliation, Healing and Renewal, Prioritizing the provision of Human Settlement, Water and Sanitation Services”, added Jonkers.