Minister of Trade and Industry, Rob Davies. (Pic supplied: the dti)

Last week on Friday, the Minister of Trade and Industry announced that currently there are more than 40 beneficiaries of the Black Industrialist programme.

At the same time he indicated that department plans to support 100 beneficiaries by March 2018 in the Black Industrialist programme.

This week some members of the media requested further information about the details of the beneficiaries.In response to these requests the Minister of Trade and Industry, Dr. Rob Davies said, it was peculiar that there was such preoccupation with the number of black South Africans who have benefited from the programme, despite the department being involved in funding 6000 other projects across sectors.

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Following such requests for information from a number of stakeholders, the Department of the Trade and Industry has now announced that with effect from 2016/17 financial year it will release a list of beneficiaries across its incentives programmes. This will be done along with an incentive report which details the impact of the incentive programs of the department. The information will be released at the end of July following the annual audit by the Office of Auditor General.