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CAPE TOWN - As the tax season for provisional taxpayers comes to a close on Friday, November 24 by midnight, Sars is urging all taxpayers to submit their tax returns. The failure to submit tax returns could land you a fine from R250 up to R16 000 per month for each month a tax return is outstanding. 

Paying tax is an uncompromising obligation that every working South African faces. In a bid to make the procedure less painful, South African Revenue Service (Sars) has implemented e-filing in 2006. Take a look of its benefits and how it can save you time.


More than 2.7 million individual taxpayers and 350 000 businesses utilise e-filing. Based on its simplicity and convenience, it's a no-brainers why taxpayers prefer this painless method of payment. 

E-filing enables taxpayers to submit their tax returns electronically. Instead of taking a day of leave from work to stand in a lengthy queue, tax affairs can be submitted at just a click of a button. The service is not only convenient but it is also free and secure. Available 24 hours a day, taxpayers can choose the most convenient time for them. 

It allows for fewer errors and also has provides an SMS notification when submissions are due. 

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E-filing offers a variety of tax returns, including VAT, PAYE, SDL, UIF, Income Tax, STC and Provisional Tax. 

e-Filing does not leave you in the lurch as it offers a range of services to assist taxpayers with paying their taxes. 

How to register

To register on the self-service system, all taxpayers need is a reliable internet connection, tax registration numbers, ID number and personal details. 

E-filers can either register as a individuals, a tax practitioner or for organisations. 

If stuck at any point, taxpayers can click on Help-You-E-file icon which will put you in contact with a Sars agent. This option is only available during office hours. 

What are the deadlines?



Type of Taxpayer​​

Manual – post or at SARS branch drop boxes​

​22 September 2017

​Non-provisional and provisional

eFiling or electronic filing at SARS branch ​

​24 November 2017



​31 January 2018


How many returns were submitted so far?




​3 767 730

​3 994 130


Source: Sars (last updated 22 November 08:00).