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Durban - If you want to know the bottom line about Durban’s successful festive season, ask the general manager of one beachfront hotel how much loo paper his guests got through.

Amar Hurjan, of the Garden Court South Beach, has a thing about figures and likes to keep track of how much bacon, mutton sausage and eggs his guests devour during the holidays.

But this year he was on a roll and decided to have some fun with his figures by tallying up all the toilet paper.

The 28 904 guests who checked into the hotel used a whopping 241.16km of toilet paper – and that, grinned Hurjan, was enough to cover the distance from Durban to Ulundi.

They also used 13 000 units of shampoo, and with one unit enough to cater for four heads, “that was enough to wash 52 000 men with average hair”.

Eggsactly why his staff only served up 42 864 eggs compared with the previous 58 734 is a mystery, but guests made up for it by eating more bacon than before – 1 455kg compared with 1 029kg, which was the equivalent of 72 carcasses.

They made a meal of the mutton sausage too, eating a combined 3.94km, which was up on the previous December’s 3.8km.

“Just about everything was up, including our occupancy, which was 92.28 percent, up 7.58 percent on the previous December,” said Hurjan. But the strong trading isn’t over yet. Occupancy at his hotel is still at 75 percent and it’s fully booked for this weekend because of various large events, including the big ANC rally. - Daily News