renjith krishnan

A total of 2.467 million travellers, both arrivals and departures, passed through South African ports of entry in February, Statistics SA said on Monday.

The travellers were made up of 627,807 South African residents and 1.840 million foreign travellers.

A further breakdown of the figures for South African residents indicated that there were 311,209 and 315,998 arrivals and departures respectively.

The volume of arrivals and departures declined for both South African residents and foreign travellers.

The volume of arrivals for South African residents declined by 40.9% from 526,250 in January to 311,209 in February, while for foreign travellers, arrivals declined by 19.4% from 1.249 million in January to 1.006 million in February.

For departures, the volume declined by 9.7% (from 349,970 in January to 315,998 in February) for South African residents and by 1.6% (from 846,915 to 833,676 in February) for foreign travellers.

A comparison between the movements in February 2011 and February 2012 indicate that the volume of arrivals and departures decreased for South African residents while the volumes increased for foreign travellers.

Travellers who cross SA’s borders rarely use trains and ships since these are mainly used for transporting goods, Stats SA said.

Data presented showed that in February, road transport was the most common mode of travel used by 1.710 million or 69.3% out of the 2.467 million travellers. - I-Net Bridge