SHAKE ON IT: Ajay Gupta seen with Justin van Pletzen in a video screen-grab in Dubai.
JOHANNESBURG - Reports of the release of the South African businessman who was arrested and detained in Dubai, reportedly over a video he took of Ajay Gupta have since been proven to be false.

Justin van Pletzen, whose video of Ajay Gupta outside a building in Dubai went viral last week, had been taken in for questioning by United Arab Emirates authorities before being released, eNCA reported.

According to a statement from the Department of International Relations (Dirco) earlier this week, van Pletzen was arrested and detained in Dubai.

"It is alleged that Mr Van Pletzen’s arrest is linked to a video he recently circulated about Mr Ajay Gupta whom he met in Dubai. However, this is yet to be confirmed by the local authorities," said Dirco's Ndivhuwo Mabaya.

According to News24, a source has revealed that it was Ajay Gupta himself who opened a case of invasion of privacy against Van Pletzen.

The source is reported to have confirmed that Van Pletzen is still in custody, and is set to appear in court on Monday.

This is line with a statement issued by Department of International Relations and Cooperation (Dirco) spokesperson, Ndivhuwo Mabaya who said, as far as the department knew, the South African businessman was still in prison.

A source close to Van Pletzen, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that he respected the rule of law in the United Arab Emirates and was complying with the police during the investigation.