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EAST LONDON - The Buffalo City Metro Municipality says that the local business formations will get a chunk on party's birthday celebrations to take place on January 13, in East London.

The ruling parties supporters from around the country and international visitors will converge at the city's ABSA stadium to celebrate ANC's 106 anniversary. City's Executive Mayor, Xola Pakati confirmed that the city is ready to for the weekend's events.

About 200 000 are expected to flock down to the city, this would mean millions to City's revenue.  According to a statement released by the municipality, all sectors of the economy will gain from the potential economic effects of the events.

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"In terms of tourism, we are experiencing a big boost, which comes in the footsteps of a bumper festive season. Accommodation, rental and other establishments are booked and even ordinary people are taking advantage of this event and renting out their houses and we are very excited about the opportunity that they are embracing," said Pakati. 

Buffalo City said the informal sector will have momentous weekend, street vendors are packed at the city centre and beach front selling merchandise, hawkers, car guards, car washers, everybody is having a boom. Local towns such as Port Alfred and Chintsa were confirmed to be fully booked.

This is what the party's secretary-general, Ace Magashule described as fruits of the Radical Economic Transformation in a media briefing held on Friday, a day before the January 8 statement.  

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It is believed that various streets around the venues will be closed on Saturday in order to manage the traffic and safety are said to be in place to ensure safety of the event organisers.

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