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Johannesburg - Transformation in the workplace was slow 20 years into democracy, the Black Management Forum said on Monday.

“White representation still continues to enjoy preference over other race groups in terms of representation, recruitment, promotion and skills development in this level,” spokeswoman Busi Mavuso said.

She said whites occupied 57 percent of senior management positions and blacks represented 23 percent of the positions.

“It cannot be correct that Africans represent 75 percent of the economically active population of the country and whites represent 10.8 percent yet top management is grossly imbalanced,” Mavuso said.

She said the 14th annual report released by the Commission of Employment Equity confirmed that the much-anticipated transformation imperative required for redress in the workplace was still eluding the private sector.

“We should, as the private and public sector, strive towards a consenting and participatory approach, where positions of top management are still predominantly of a particular race who continue to dominate and monopolise all economic and workplace activity particularly at management level,” Mavuso said.

People with disabilities still did not have equal employment opportunities in the workplace, she said. - Sapa