902 A crime scene expert takes pictures of the scene on 7th street in Linden where 3 men tried to hijack a woman after a chase with the police that started in Robindale. 190208. Picture: Bongiwe Mchunu

Businesses should take steps to prevent the likelihood of crime while offices are closed for the holiday season, Alexander Forbes' insurance division said on Tuesday.

“Business owners, managers and staff should not be worrying about the safety and security of their office,” the company said.

“Making sure you put the correct pre-loss initiatives in place before closing the office for the summer break is not only necessary for insurance purposes, but it also minimises loss in the event of mishap over the silly season,” said spokesman Hillary Magede.

Companies should ensure insurance policies were up to date and that security measures conformed to requirements.

A designated contact person should be able to take decisions on security and insurance in a crisis, and back-up staff should be assigned.

Controls should be put in place to prevent breaches of authority if restricted areas or secure systems were broken into.

Alexander Forbes said proprietary intellectual material and confidential company and client data should be backed up or stored securely and separately off the premises.

The insurance broker and security company should be informed of closing and re-opening dates, and of emergency contact details.

Businesses close to entertainment centres had an increased risk of vandalism and break-ins during the festive season.

“Professional security present on the premises while it is closed goes a long way to preventing silly season-related mishaps,” the company said.

Fragile, flammable and movable equipment should be moved from open areas and away from windows. - Sapa