Adam Catzavelo recorded himself using the K-word and has since been fired from his family restaurant St George's Fine Foods. Photo: Twitter

CAPE TOWN - A number of businesses have decided to distance themselves from Adam Catzavelos company, St George's Fine Foods, due to his racist comments, according to a report by News24.

Catzavelos used racist remarks in a video which has gone viral on social media.

In the video Catzavelos reported on the weather on a beach in Greece (where he was on holiday) and then adds "amazing sea and not one k****r in sight".

After the massive reaction and calls for Catzavelos to be charged, his family has fired him from the family business.

"Adam Catzavelos has been dismissed with immediate effect from the family business, St George's Fine Foods, and his minority shareholding will be unwound as soon as practically possible," read the brief statement on EWN.

After the firing, a number of clients of St George's Fine Foods, have decided to find an alternate supplier. 

Butcher Boys director, Derryck Myers, said that "we had a conference call and we are disassociating ourselves immediately from St George's". 

Meyers said: "We do not support what Adam has done". 

Butcher Boys purchases a specific sauce from the company and further noted that ending supply could risk the employment of 150 staff.

"They supply us a product that is specifically made for Butcher Boys and without that product, we would put a lot of people out of work."

Butcher Boy's shareholders met and decided that they needed to source the product somewhere else due to the racist comments by Catzavelos.

Meyers did add that he did not work with Adam but rather dealt with his father George. 

The second company to cut ties with St George's Fine Foods was restaurant chain, Braza. The restaurant said that they noted "with disgust" the remarks by Adam Catzavelos. 

"We distance ourselves from these remarks and have communicated to St George’s Fine Foods that we will no longer be doing any business with them nor will we be doing any business with an entity which is in any way associated with Adam Catzavelos," Braza's director Andy Papaspyrou said in a press statement.

The director of the Rib Zone, Dragan Krunic, also said on Wednesday that his company will be cutting ties with Catzavelos and St George's Fine Foods.

"I'm disgusted and I condemn fully his actions. I couldn't believe what he did," Krunic said.

Human Rights Commission

The DA said today that they had reported Catzavelos to the South African Human Rights Commission for using racist remarks in a video.

The EFF was also expected to open criminal charges at a Johannesburg police station on Wednesday. 

DA Youth, along with the popular Twitterati lawyer Tumi Sole, said they had approached the SAHRC. 

The DA Youth has since referred the matter to the South African Human Right Commission (SAHRC).

DA Youth leader Luyolo Mphiti said: “We trust that the SAHRC will investigate this matter and hold Catzavelos accountable for his vile comments.”

“He has offended the dignity and human rights of all South Africans, and it is the likes of Catzavelos who seek to divide our society, who must be actively called-out at every turn. It is our collective responsibility to end racism wherever it arises. He and all those who espouse his views have no place in a united South Africa,” Mphiti added.