Cabinet needs to urgently implement practical, evidence-based policies – Busa

Busa CEO designate, Khulekani Mathe. Photo: Supplied

Busa CEO designate, Khulekani Mathe. Photo: Supplied

Published Jul 1, 2024


Business Unity South Africa

The announcement of the Cabinet, which will lead South Africa's seventh administration, ends the uncertainty about the successful establishment of a government of national unity (GNU), South Africans’ preferred outcome of the national and provincial elections.

The announcement signals that South African leaders are ready to put aside their parties’ political differences and tackle the social and economic development tasks at hand, in the national interest.

Not everyone will be satisfied with all the appointments, but South Africa must now unite behind the Cabinet, which needs to urgently implement practical, evidence-based policies that will deliver sustainable, inclusive economic development, job creation, investment and social development.

Priorities for Business Unity South Africa (Busa) include creating an enabling business environment that will attract domestic and international investment, increasing the professionalisation of the public service, building on successful public-private partnerships and bringing public finances under control.

Busa CEO designate, Khulekani Mathe, says: “At the start of a new administration, in a new era of coalition politics, it is vital to build the capacity and professionalism of the state and its bureaucracy, so that no matter any future party-political disputes, the public service will continue to implement policies that serve the interests of all South Africans.

“The undeserved dismissal of senior civil servants by political leaders in a new administration weakens the public service, creates policy uncertainty and fosters loyalty to individuals rather than adherence to duty and professional standards.

“Business hopes to continue working with the government in the public-private partnership that has reduced load shedding, improved transport and logistics infrastructure and operations, and is strengthening the national capacity to tackle crime and corruption. Over 130 chief executives have pledged their ongoing commitment to this partnership, which has unlocked infrastructure and operational constraints to inclusive economic growth.

“It is crucial that we continue to prioritise bringing public finances under control, in line with the fiscal consolidation measures outlined in the 2023 Budget. South Africa recently achieved its first primary budget surplus in 15 years – under the Minister of Finance, Enoch Godongwana – by reducing bailouts to state-owned enterprises and reducing wasteful or unproductive spending. The reappointment of Minister Godongwana demonstrates an ongoing commitment by the government to responsible fiscal policies that will reduce debt and free up spending for productive social and economic development."

Busa extends its congratulations to all members of the new Cabinet and assures them of the unwavering support of business when they act in the best interests of all in our country.