The Cape Chamber is offering a marketing initiative to their members. Photo: File
DURBAN - The Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry has launched a marketing initiative to help businesses market themselves better.

This new initiative will help businesses market themselves through a video that can be uploaded on to social media.

The Cape Chamber has partnered with Renegade Pictures, an African based video production company, to create the video.

This service is only available to members of the Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry. According to the Cape Chamber President Janine Myburgh, this marketing initiative is available to big and small businesses as long as they are a member of the chamber.

The initiative is an exclusive opportunity for members of the chamber to have a 3-minute video produced that shows off and advertises the organisation or business.

The chamber is offering their members professional video production for R6 500.

According to Myburgh to do a professional video can cost about R21 500.

The whole deal includes location filming, post-production, editing a voice-over and a professional script.

The President of the Chamber said that this is a great opportunity for companies to get their brand and company noticed.

Myburgh said, "Video is the fastest growing media mechanism for marketing, so the deal will allow chamber members to access this deal at the fraction of the price".