Retailer Pick n Pay said on Tuesday that half-year profit before tax grew by 19.1 percent, as it released its interim results. Photo: File

DURBAN – Ipsos South Africa has released the results of its inaugural survey measuring the influence that brands have on South Africans.  

The Most Influential Brands study shows and ranks the most influential brands in South Africa, and offers a case study perspective on the dimensions that drive each brand’s influence. 

The dimensions have a slight difference from country to country and include a brands perceived “Leading Edge”, “Respect”, “Presence”, “Trustworthiness” and “Engagement”. 

“Far from being a popularity contest among brands, this study speaks to the actual influence that a brand has on South African consumers’ everyday lives,” says Ray Kong who chaired the event on Friday morning. 

Some interesting themes that have arisen among the South African brands include:

The significant influence of Retail

Out of the Top 10 Brands, four are retail names, probably as a result of retail outlets becoming a one-stop household management destination, by offering banking services, payments on utility bills and licences, as well as becoming distribution points for social grants and allowing people to send money to each other quickly and effectively. 

Local is Lekker

Localisation speaks to the fundamental needs of a community and these brands have excelled at making consumers feel understood. 

Accessible for the People 

The essence of most of these brands is that they are inclusive, relatable and warm which speaks to the principle of UBUNTU that is ingrained in the South African culture and way of life. 

Simplicity Works 

South Africa really is unique in the brands that have come out tops when comparing it to the top-10 list in other markets, which has been dominated by digital and tech brands. WhatsApp is the only digital brand to make the South African Top 10.

Rooted yet Progressive The brands that have emerged at the top of the influence scale are those who are rooted in South Africa, retain and uphold the traditional uses and values of the brand. 

Here are the Top 10 Brands Most Influential Brands in South Africa:

1. Pick n Pay
2. Shoprite/Checkers
3. Coca-Cola
4. Colgate
5. Vaseline
6. Spar
7. Sunlight
8. Whatsapp
9. Woolworths
10. Koo