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DURBAN - 5 June 2018 marks World Environment Day and in celebration of that we take a look at some the South African brands that are eco-friendly.


In the next four years, Woolworths want to operate in a way that does not include nonrecyclable plastics. They have decided to become environmentally friendly to stop the terrible effects that plastics have on marine life and the planet. They have already banned plastic straws and their own brand packing will be made from recyclable material among other things.
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Woolworths Photo: Facebook


According to Reuters, McDonald's have started setting up goals for changing to packaging that is environmentally friendly. They also offer recycling in all of their restaurants. The move to being more environmentally friendly was in response to customers requests to become greener.

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McDonald's Photo: Facebook


Fundudzi is a clothing brand that provides ethical and eco-friendly clothing which is made using organic fabrics. This clothing brand uses cashmere, bamboo, soy and corn that is sourced from rural communities. They also use organic cotton from Lesotho.

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Fundudzi clothing Photo: Facebook


Car companies are generally the biggest contributors to pollution however, Ford is changing that narrative. Their environmental policy that they have had in place for many years is helping them to do so. The car company uses sustainable fabrics in their vehicles and their Focus and Escape vehicles are recyclable.


Checkers recently announced their newest campaign that consists of environmentally friendly LIttle Garden seedling kits. With this campaign, the retailer hopes to encourage adults and children to go outside and spend time together with each other and their plants.
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Checkers Little Garden Photo: Facebook