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Monday, December 11, 2023

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Cyril: it’s time for that debate

President Cyril Ramaphosa. Image: Kopano Tlape.

President Cyril Ramaphosa. Image: Kopano Tlape.

Published Jun 13, 2023


The world will at times, surely looks at our country and on many occasions truly frowns.

It surely has to see how once the new hope and shining star South Africa has crumbled to a failed state on so many fronts.

As a person, whom actively took part in the struggle and also mutated into business, post-apartheid, one can not sit back and say, mission accomplished!

In actual fact, it's very much the opposite in today's SA.

One can not be blinded to the fact, that the citizens of SA, are not in a huge way traumatised and daily being shocked with so much negativity.

A very-much state of PTSD is in existence and a person must ask, how much more can we take.

Our recent decade has been nothing short of a horror movie and no script-writer could in his wildest dream, construct such a story.

An absolute current history of crime, corruption, infrastructure collapse and a total failed state and all of this circus playing out on the world stage.

The news of Covid lockdown like so many in the world, was truly a dark period in our life time, but what was truly more shocking to me, was the detailed theft and sculldugory taking place behind the scenes.

Not only, was state funds intended to save and protect our people, being squandered in the millions, but huge tender fraud and lining of pockets, was at the order of the day.

Then the Zondo Commussion and three years, more than a billion rand in costs, with another shocking reveal of state capture being showcased for the world to see.

Yes, we still await the dramatic arrests.

If this was not enough the huge failure in intelligence and the reaction of the looting in KZN if nothing else, showed the weakness in our safety and still today, the announced 22 planners of this disaster are still to go to jail.

As we sat in our homes, at work and the traditional braai, we were told about Phala Phala gate, the accusation of a President with money under a mattress and yes this story on it's own a shocking embarrassment! As expected though, it was very quickly shoved from under the mattress, to under the carpet.

Wait we are not done yet, oh no enter the room load shedding and Eskom.

The country, its people and businesses suffer the daily trauma of no power and definitely no dilutions but again to add to the insult, just like the Covid theft, we get the public revelations of the then CEO of Eskom, Andre Marinus de Ruyter.

The fact that this was indeed a mini atom bomb, going of in public, with accusations of theft, mafia and poisoning, must of truly again shocked our already traumatized nation.

The immediate propaganda machines then started and in between this all, we are given a Minister of Electricity with himself no power.

All the above seem so unreal, so hugely unbelievable that the final piece of this tragedy, was and must be the cherry on the cake, yes I am referring to the now famous Lady R ship of Russia, the arrest of Putin and the very much public matter of the USA ambassador to South Africa publicly speaking of weapons supply.

Now forget not that the USA not Russia, is indeed one of South Africa's largest economic trade partners, but also we hugely benefit from the AGOA treaty, which is a massive advantage to Africa US trade.

How do we fail to have this recurring benefit you ask, well it is very simple, you don't take a definite stance to ensure the US of our commitments the ongoing relations. You side with Russia on military joint maneuvers and you totally disregard ICC guidelines, that is how we destroy economic support and huge benefits to an already failing state, with the rand finding itself near 20 ZAR to the USD.

Now Mr President, let’s look at this story, the facts and say to each other that no doubt you and your cabinet failed on all fronts and I as a huge supporter, follower and fighter for the Madiba dream, left the ANC three years ago, because this is the dying of a rainbow nation and all it's hopes and promises. Here is the call, why dont we have a public debate, any venue, any time and any place, I DARE YOU!

Neil De Beer is the President of the United Independant Movement and the Chairman of Investment Fund Africa. Picture:Phando Jikelo/African News Agency(ANA)

Neil De Beer is the President of the United Independent Movement and the Chairman of Investment Fund Africa.

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