Pretoria - The National Automobile

Dealers Association (Nada) had

launched NADAdata, its new used

vehicle database which would capture

an estimated 60 percent of all

monthly used vehicle sales through

dealerships, Gary McCraw, Nada`s executive

director, said at the weekend.

McCraw said the database was

delivered via the Nada Internet site

and would make a compendium of

trading and analytical data available

to the used vehicle industry.

Derrick Dixon, the chief executive

of the Retail Motor Industries

Organisation, said NADAdata

heralded the start of a new era in used

vehicle trading. It successfully solved

concerns, such as a lack of data, that

had characterised the used motor

vehicles sales sector for many years.

McCraw said the database would

be marketed on behalf of Nada by a

newly formed business trading as

AutoData, in a joint venture between

motor industry information experts

Neal Bruton and Henni Boudjelthia.

McCraw said that from a trading

perspective the components of the

database were designed with the

input of top used car traders. The

database provided an immediate

printout of key data necessary to fully

evaluate trading risks and prices on

any used vehicle.

He said the data available in the

trading component would, for

example, contain at national or

regional level the number of cars of

a particular model and model year

sold each month for the last six

months as well as the average

number of days that the sold cars

had been held in stock by dealers.

In addition, it would contain the

low, average and high purchase and

selling prices of the cars and the

average residual value of a model

compared with its original new price,

he said.

McCraw stressed the the database

took a ``black box`` approach to

analysing and presenting the data,

and no human intervention took


He said used vehicle sales data was

supplied to Nada on a monthly basis

by major motor vehicle financing

institutions and all of the large motor

dealer groups, including Barlow

Motor Investments, Combined Motor

Holdings, Imperial, McCarthy,

Supergroup and Unitrans.

The list of data suppliers would

grow as more trading and finance

companies began supplying data to


McCraw added that a computer

tool for the estimation of new vehicle

tradein prices for up to five years

after they had been sold had also

become available through the new

NADAdata site.