A California man who believes the literal interpretation of the Bible is real is offering $10 000 (about R93 000) to anyone who can successfully debunk claims made in the book of Genesis in front of a judge.

American Joseph Mastropaolo says he hopes the contest will improve future discussions on both sides of the argument.

“The evolutionists thereafter could read that transcript and make their case a bit stronger on the next one they contend against and we can do the same,” Mastropaolo told the Guardian.

Mastropaolo’s plan is to put $10 000 of his own money into an escrow account. His debate opponent would be asked to do the same. They would then jointly agree on a judge based on a list of possible candidates.

Mastropaolo said that any evidence presented in the trial must be “scientific, objective, valid, reliable and calibrated”.

Mastropaolo has a Ph.D in kinesiology and writes for the Creation Hall of Fame, which is helping to organise the minitrial.

It is not the first trial he has tried to arrange. A previous effort, known as the Life Science Prize, proposed a similar scenario.

Mastropaolo included a list of possible circuit court judges to oversee the trial and a list of those he challenged to take part on the evolutionary side of the debate.

The Creation Hall of Fame website describes the event as a “chance to shine” for sceptics of creationism. – Sapa-AP