Tech devices have become some of the most popular items to purchase, especially in the build-up to Christmas. Photo: Pixabay
Tech devices have become some of the most popular items to purchase, especially in the build-up to Christmas. Photo: Pixabay

Don't be duped this Black Friday

By Staff Reporter Time of article published Nov 28, 2019

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JOHANNESBURG - The frenzy of Black Friday approaches us all. 

Come Friday 29th November, you’ll be bombarded with sales, specials and limited-time offers that’ll dazzle you into parting with you hard-earned moola.  

Sadly, special or no special, when the plethora of delivery boxes arrive on your porch, the disappointment of the items themselves will result in enough remorse to scare you off Christmas shopping, at the very least.

Karmen Wessels from Sanlam Indie has some tips to avoid splurging to the extent that you’re stuck with 2-Minute Noodles for the rest of 2019.

Tip 1: Figure out what you want.

Browse around your favourite stores, and create a wishlist. This is even easier to do if you’re shopping online. Decide which items you can’t live without, and bank the rest for another time.

Tip 2: Set a budget.

If you’ve been saving for this since last November, then by all means spend your dough without guilt. You’ve planned, and you should definitely enjoy it. But even if you haven’t planned, setting a budget can ensure that you don’t blow your grocery money on things you really don’t need.

Tip 3: Don’t get sucked into the mob mentality.

No blinking lights or sirens or “BUY NOW OR MISS OUT!” slogans can get to you, for you are zen. You are chill. You are calm, and strong, and you know what you want. If you don’t end up with something you coveted, take a breath and look for second best. If that doesn’t work, go for a walk. Ten minutes away from the screaming hordes will do wonders for your peace of mind.

Tip 4: Don’t believe the hype.

There’s a sneaky urban legend going around that some stores push their prices up during the year so that their “price slashes” seem more dramatic on Black Friday. Whether that’s true or not, regard the savings with a cynical eye. Are the sales prices really that low? Is 20% off really a good enough reason to punch that blonde lady for taking the last one? If not, don’t bother.

Tip 5: Give it back if you’ve changed your mind.

The beauty of most online stores, and many retail stores, is that they make returning items pretty easy. It’s one of the most effective ways of battling Buyer’s Remorse. Worried you overspent and not too pleased with what you’ve bought? Return it, get your money back, do a little happy dance.

Tip 6: Keep an eye out for the really good stuff.

Besides getting some great products, there are some great opportunities to get some savings on some of the less fun grudge purchases. Some life insurance providers run reward promotions for signing up on Black Friday weekend. It’s your chance to use the hype to your advantage, and pay for something that will earn you money in the long run.

If you stick to even just one of these tips, you’ll already be one step ahead of the masses. Check out the life insurance deal at Sanlam Indie, and thank your past self for setting you up for a great Treat Yo’Self 2019!


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