The national power system was expected to stay tight during peak hours for the rest of the week, Eskom said yesterday. “The capacity available to meet this evening’s peak demand is 35 191 megawatts (including open-cycle gas turbines) while demand is forecast [at] 35 244MW,” it said. Eskom said the strain on the system was because of the cold weather. Peak demand was forecast at 34 824MW today, 34 768MW tomorrow, 34 896MW on Thursday and 33 274MW on Friday. On Saturday it would be 32 962MW and Sunday 32 732MW. Last week, a power emergency was declared for two consecutive days. Eskom spokesman Andrew Etzinger said at the time that, although the system would be strained this week, there were no plans for power cuts. Eskom has asked consumers to use electricity sparingly. – Sapa