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LONDON - The extraordinary honeymoon demands of the world's super rich have been laid bare. 

Travel writer Brandon Presser revealed that billionaire honeymooners using one travel consultancy pay an average of £50 000 (about R894 000) for their post-wedding getaway. 

Their exorbitant demands range from the bizzare to the utterly ludicrous — including one man's £80 000 (R1.4 million) payment to carpet his yacht so his wife could walk in stilettos.

Mr Presser wrote: 'On the manageable end, particularities range from specific plies of toilet paper to strange bed-making methods.

'One newlywed visiting the Seychelles would drink only Fiji water; a crate was duly flown in to supply her nightly.'

Another luxury travel firm based in the UK, Red Savannah, arranged to special delivery of a Cartier bracelet to a bride on her honeymoon in Dubain. 

As the couple sat down to dinner, her attention was caught by a diver in an aquarium who was swimming towards her, waving. 

The diver then produced a sign that read 'look next to your plate'.

But some requests have been even more demanding. 

Mr Presser wrote: 'For a five-night trip, one television actress paid $40,000 to have her hotel bathroom's granite sink lifted 7in — all so she wouldn't have to bend over when washing her face."

Another couple who travelled to St Lucia discovered the resort held a strict first-come-first-served beach lounger policy. 

But rather than choosing to get up earlier to reserve a spot in the sun, the couple actually attempted to purchase the beach. 

Their offer was refused and instead an agent had to wake early every morning to reserve their sun loungers. 

One couple dream Caribbean honeymoon was nearly shattered by a storm that washed away the beach front.

They paid the firm £50,000 to have sand from another beach driven over in trucks so they could sunbathe. 

The same company even arranged for one couple to spend the night in Louis XIV's Versailles bed.

'It was quite an expensive and special arrangement,' said president Jack Ezon. 

And other couples' getaways simply would not be complete without the company of their pets. 

The fork out thousands for everything from extra bedrooms, massages, gourmet food and custom-built furniture for their furry friends. 

But even with their vast sums of money, rich and found marriages often break down before they take off. 

One bride walked out on the groom after find he had still not give up his 'illicit habits'. 

After she had flown off, he asked for some 'professional company' that was illegal in the Maldives — so he was flown Bankok and set up with a 'nightlife guide'.