Picture: Reuters

Johannesburg - Farm workers' salaries will increase by 75 cents per hour in March, the labour department said on Monday.

“In terms of (the) sectoral determination for farm workers the minimum wages will be adjusted upwards to an hourly rate of R12.41,” spokesman Page Boikanyo said in a statement.

Previously, farm workers earned R11.66 an hour.

The weekly rate would increase to R558.60 from R525.

Their monthly salaries had increased to R2420.41 from R2274.82.

“The determination sets minimum working hours, minimum wages, number of leave days and termination rules,” Boikanyo said.

In November 2012, farm workers in De Doorns, Western Cape, went on strike demanding R150 per day and improved living conditions.

Most earned between R69 and R75 a day.

The protests soon spread to 15 other towns, leading to violence and two deaths.

In February 2013 Labour Minister Mildred Oliphant announced the new minimum wage for farmworkers of R105 a day. - Sapa