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CAPE TOWN - FNB has added a new feature to its eBucks platform, eBucks Travel where customers can hire a car and book flights online. 

The group marked a key milestone as they celebrated 180 years of existence. More importantly, FNB CEO, Jacques Celliers said that FNB is moving beyond being a digital innovator and is moving toward being a platform disruptor. 

“Today marks a significant milestone in our 180-year history as we move beyond being a digital innovator to a broader contextual platform disruptor. It is through this contextually helpful platform that we can offer holistic financial solutions and become a trusted partner to the broader society. This will enable us to help create a better world for years to come”, said Celliers. 

         Picture: FNB eBucks Travel. (Screengrab). 

Celliers said that eBucks Travel incorporates a full-fledged travel offering with functionality that speaks directly to FNB customers’ travel needs. 

FNB customers will be able to enjoy several benefits on eBucks Travel from booking a flight, hiring a car to airport transfers with Avis P2P and having access to the Slow Lounge.  

According to FNB, what makes eBucks Travel different is the fact that customers can compare flights across multiple airlines and pay using their eBucks or FNB Card. 

In addition to this, FNB eBucks Travel Customers can also create profiles for their friends and family, whom they often travel with. eBucks Travel main members can also book discounted flights for their friends and family without having to travel with them. 

What eBucks Travel customers can also enjoy is a discount on periodically alternating local and international airlines of up to 40%. 

FNB customers can access the eBucks Travel service on the eBucks website, with the app said to be rolled out later this year. 

         Picture: FNB eBucks Travel. (Screengrab). 

The service will offer as a benchmark where all major airlines can be brought into a single view where users can compare and book flights. 

“We have expanded our online offering to aggregate all major airlines into a single view to compare and book flights. Qualifying eBucks members have benefit to discount on air travel relevant to their award level. Where there is more value is when paying with eBucks itself as the customers are not paying “money” for what has been covered in eBucks”, said Celliers. 

         Picture: FNB eBucks Travel. (Screengrab). 

Meanwhile, FNB also revealed new innovations such as opening up a bank account by taking a selfie and a new money-tracking service. 

Take a look at the other new innovations:

Selfie onboarding

With identity verification being done by Home Affairs, the FNB app which uses biometric facial verification which allows customers to open up an FNB account with a selfie.


This new service allows users to track the money their money. This service gives users an insight into their spending, available funds and credit status. 

         Picture: FNB eBucks Travel. (Screengrab). 

             Picture: FNB eBucks Travel. (Screengrab). 

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