Former Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan. File picture: Linda Mthombeni/GCIS

CAPE TOWN – In a recent interview with the BBC, former finance minister Pravin Gordhan, said that now is the time for people in SA to reflect on the high corruption levels in South Africa.
Gordhan also reflected on what can be done to resolve this massive issue.

He says that corruption needs to tackled head on, speaking to BBC Hardtalk's Stephen Sackur.
According to Fin24, Gordhan said that documents formally presented at ANC meetings showed that there is a definite need to understand the corruption issue.
"What is this grip that one family and its broader syndicate have on the structure of the state and having this remarkable ability to filter out what appears to be billions of rand of public money and public finances from state-owned enterprises (SOEs) and other sections of government into accounts in different parts of the world?" asked Gordhan.

Gordhan also spoke on how the African National Congress can come together. He argued that using the values that Nelson Mandela has instilled will be vital.
The former minister still sees the ANC as the future. He believes that the ANC’s policies and values are still important and will continue to help bring this country together and help the country grow.
Gordhan then went on to say in quite a frank manner that evidence has shown that state resources and the mechanics that make this country work has been used in the wrong way. Most South Africans can see this, but now the world can see this.
He finished by saying  “it is important to distinguish between the ANC as an organisation and its values and programmes on one hand and individuals who currently, in the view of many, don't perform their responsibilities in accordance with those values."