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CAPE TOWN - The festive season has become the best time to say "I do", but you need avoid spending more that necessary on this event considering the bombarding marketing messages of the season.

The couple needs to mindful of what they will spend their money on for their once in a life time event.

Rachel Torgerson notes the following ways to save money for ensuring a successful wedding:

1. Use this simple math equation

Take the sum of your desired budget and divide it by the number of months you have to save up. If you are marrying in a year with a budget of R15 000, devide it by 12, you would need to save R1 250.

2. Cut back on monthly expenses

You need to make big sacrifices and forgo expenses that are not necessary. Buy only what's needed for a living.

3. Stop little spending habits that add up

People tend to spend money on a lot of little things without thinking about it. These little purchases are very costly when added up.

4. Make bigger sacrifices, if you're willing

There are some more drastic measures you can take as well. You could move in with your parents to save on rent for the year.

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5. Use your credit cards - realistically

If you are in the process of saving up for the wedding while you’re making deposits to reserve your venue and other vendors, you’re likely going to have to use credit cards, but you need to use it wisely.

6. Think of creative ways to make more cash

Doing freelance work or selling goods you don't need could assist in financing your wedding.