R53,8 million apartment sold in Cape Town Photo: File
CAPE TOWN - Good morning. Let's take a look at Business Report's top stories for the week.

R53,8 million apartment sold in Cape Town

With a record selling price of R53,8 million for an apartment in Bantry Bay, Cape Town beach apartments remain among the most desired property in the world.

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Black Twitter drags Sunday Times over fake news

Twitter users have over the past few days voiced their frustration at the Sunday Times over what they described as fake news. A number of users, including some influential media practitioners, have called for people to unfollow the Sunday Times and posted screen grabs of them blocking the Sunday Times' Twitter feed.

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We did not pay ransom after massive hack - Liberty

South African insurer Liberty said that it had refused to pay the money demanded by hackers who infiltrated the group’s information technology systems and extracted data from it.

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Frustrated Apple users complaining that iOS 11.4 is killing batteries

If you haven't updated your iPhone to iOS 11.4 yet, you may want to hold off a bit longer.

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Bathu is the new sneaker brand on SA celebs feet

Entrepreneur Theo Baloyi says he wants to tell a proudly South African township story through his successful sneaker brand Bathu.

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Basil Read is with its back to the wall

The woes facing listed construction companies came to a head on Friday as cash-strapped construction group Basil Read’s share price plunged 88.89percent as its attempts to operate as a going concern fell flat.

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WATCH: Uber drivers strike in Jozi over petrol price

A group of taxi drivers that use app-based platforms such as Uber have been accused of pulling over fellow drivers in Johannesburg, in order to protest.

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Never miss an important email again with Gmail's new AI function

Google has unveiled a new feature that uses artificial intelligence to alert a user to important emails in its Gmail app. The technology is already in use in the iOS app and can be switched on in the Settings menu.

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Entrepreneur takes the South African braai to London

Pamela Naidoo, a South African woman is an entrepreneur that is the owner of four startups in London.

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Steinhoff admits to Kika/Leiner sale

Troubled retailer Steinhoff International has finally admitted that it is selling its loss-making Austrian furniture retailer Rudolf Leiner, popularly known as Kika/Leiner, and real estate assets to Rene Benko’s Signa Holding.

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