Inospace new Regional Director, Jacques Weber. PHOTO: Supplied.
Inospace new Regional Director, Jacques Weber. PHOTO: Supplied.

Inospace appoints new regional director to overhaul Cape Town's oldest areas

By Tamaryn Africa Time of article published Nov 13, 2018

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CAPE TOWN - Inospace, a leading operator of branded business parks, has announced the appointment of former City of Cape town councillor Jacques Weber as their new regional director.

Inospace, which provides conventional space and flexible workspace in South Africa, said in a statement that Weber is to play a key role in the "upliftment and rejuvenation" of many of the city's oldest and also ignored areas, including depleted industrial zones like Paarden Eiland and Epping.

"He’ll be heading up Inospace's Urban Regeneration programme that aims to unlock potential in older industrial zones by introducing modern, people-centric spaces and services without the gentrification of heritage buildings or neighbourhoods, or the displacing of long-term residents," Inospace said

"Jacques relishes the unique opportunity that his new position provides as a platform to get proactive about many of the issues that Cape Town faces, and help steer the city towards a more inclusive, integrated and environmentally friendly future."

Weber explained that communication and information in the commercial property world are of the essence.

"We have almost 300 independent businesses in our portfolio of business parks across the country, and it’s important to keep everyone happy, informed and productive. The business environment is changing at an unprecedented rate, and so are the needs of a modern workforce. Businesses are looking for greater convenience and cost efficiencies, and it’s up to switched-on space providers to adapt their offerings to meet these needs."

According to Weber, Inospace is part of a global trend of highly specialised real estate businesses that are taking advantage of a structural market shift that is moving toward a customer-first and also flexible approach.

"Inospace typically buy larger buildings and transforms them into multi-let business parks comprising offices, studios, storage and traditional warehouse spaces. Unlike traditional real estate income funds, our model works differently. We acquire partially or fully vacant properties but are able to quickly turn empty space into high-yielding, flexible-use products through our business operations," said Weber.

Inospace recently opened seven new business parks in Cape Town including the Powder Mill in Ndabeni, Island Works in Paarden Eiland and Epping Works near the airport.         

"Our centres are staffed with the community in mind – on-site centre managers help to curate an experience which goes beyond the provision of space and more towards the curation of a loyal community," Weber said.                

- African News Agency (ANA)

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