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Johannesburg - Moneyweb has filed an application in the Tsakane Magistrate’s Court in Ekurhuleni, asking that its journalist assist the court in deciding whether administration orders should be granted, it reported on Thursday.

“This is a very serious case where desperate people are exploited... hopefully this act of activist journalism... will prevent the further fraudulent exploitation of vulnerable people,” Moneyweb editor Ryk van Niekerk said.

The application, lodged on Wednesday, requested that its journalist be admitted as a friend of the court, and sought to question the validity of 15 debt administration order applications brought by PI Debt Solutions.

Moneyweb said the journalist and one of Debt Solutions’ recent administration order clients carried out an intensive investigation on the validity of the residential addresses used by the administration order applicants.

“In every instance investigated by Moneyweb, the applicant had used a false address. We were able, in nearly every matter, to track down and confirm the applicant’s true address,” it said.

“According to the law, the residential or work address determines in which court an administration order can be granted. Not one of the 15 applicants’ actual addresses was found to be in the jurisdiction of the Tsakane court.” - Sapa