How much should you be earning in your 20s? File picture: Philimon Bulawayo
DURBAN - Salary research group, PayScale has updated its salary data for South Africa for the year 2018.

Its data shows what South African youth can expect to earn within their the first nine years of working experience.

The PayScale salary data is ascertained by years of experience, and not age in particular. However, it can be expected that experience and age are closely associated for most employees who leave the university at age 21.

The salary data is below also carried some warning, mainly that it is a complete picture of media salaries, captured across all industries, for people who hold a bachelor's degree.

Various career paths also reach their highest point at different times, economists at PayScale note that any career where the most of training happens in school or within the first few years of work, will probably not see much pay rise after that.

According to PayScale data for 2018, this what South Africans in their 20s can expect to be paid, yearly, in their first nine or so years of work.

If a person had less than 1 year of work experience they can expect to earn R155300; if a person had between 1 to 4 years of experience then they can expect to earn R208900 and if a person has between 5 to 9 years of experience they can expect to earn R357890.

The salary data from PayScale is based on submitted information from more than 270000 South African employees who have up to nine years of work experience and revised as of January 2018.

The numbers represented are the median salary. These is the most popular occupations for each bracket of work experience as listed by PayScale:

Below 1 year experience

Mechanical Engineer: R238 740
High School Teacher: R175 980
Software Developer: R168 000
Primary School Teacher: R147 820
Call Center Agent: R63 480
Receptionist: R58 990

1 to 4 years experience

Software Developer: R229 360
Registered Nurse: R189 100
Safety Officer: R153 400
Sales Consultant: R90 300
Office Administrator: R89 230
Administrative Assistant: R83 490
Receptionist: R63 220

5 to 9 years experience

Operations Manager: R310 300
Accountant: R261 530
S afety Officer: R240,650
Registered Nurse: R218 070
Personal Assistant: R159 080
Office Administrator: R116 550
Receptionist: R85 520