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Saturday, May 21, 2022

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Manifesting money: It all starts in the mind

MONEY karma…sounds far-fetched, right? In fact, it’s quite logical. The principle is that what you put in, you get out, says the author.

MONEY karma…sounds far-fetched, right? In fact, it’s quite logical. The principle is that what you put in, you get out, says the author.

Published May 7, 2022


By Liezel Gordon

“MANIFESTATION” is a concept that gained prominence in the early 2000s, when Rhonda Byrne’s best-selling book, The Secret, was released. The book spoke about the law of attraction, which is that positive thoughts bring positive outcomes.

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While over a decade has passed since the book (and subsequent movie) had the world abuzz, the word “manifest” seems to be popping up more than ever. “Manifest health”, “manifest success”, even “manifest love” — but what about something even more tangible? Could we manifest money?

It is possible, but first, it is vital to understand what manifestation really means. “It does not involve magic, is not an easy fix — nor is there some ethereal formula.”

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Manifesting means making your dreams or goals a reality through changing your mindset and taking concrete action that will result in their materialisation.

Hard work is integral to realising your goals, but it is certainly not the only thing that is important. Self-belief, clarity around your goals and strategic action are equally critical. Yes, you must put in the effort — but you also need to believe that you are worthy of financial success.

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There are steps that will help you manifest money, bringing more financial success into your life.

Write it down

The first step to manifesting what you want is knowing what you want — and more importantly, why. Yes, we all want more money, but it’s important to be able to articulate exactly what this means to you. Do you want more money so that you can pay off debt or buy a house? Maybe you’re seeking the financial security that you didn’t have in childhood. Once you have identified the what and the why, write it down.

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Next, identify any limiting beliefs you might have around money. Perhaps, deep down, you don’t believe that you’re worthy of financial success. Whatever these limiting beliefs might be, recognise them and jot down affirmations you can say aloud each day, which will help convince you that you can achieve your goals and are deserving of your dreams.

Liezel Gordon is the Client Engagement Team Lead at Metropolitan GetUp.

There is power in identifying exactly what you want and then putting this out into the universe. However, the next step is equally important…

Move to manifest.

Once you have identified what you want and why, design a game plan. Consider creating a vision board — there are loads of free tools online, such as Pinterest and Canva. Visualise your money and what financial success looks like to you through images that resonate with what you aspire to achieve.

Next, identify the steps that you need to take which will set you on the path to financial success. Start small. There is truth in the saying “eat the elephant one bite at a time”. Set a small, easily-achievable goal to build confidence in yourself and your abilities.

For example, say your vision is to live comfortably on your income each month, leaving you with a bit extra to save.

To do this, you might need to pay off a loan. Start by working out how much you can afford to direct towards your loan every month, and then set up a debit order after payday so that the money leaves your account before you even see it.

Over time, you’ll learn to live without the repayment. Once the loan is paid off you can direct that money — or a portion of it — to your savings. This is a small, positive action you can take in the direction of your goals, and it helps to develop your self-trust. As you start to prove to yourself that you are capable of manifesting your dreams, more good is sure to follow.

“Life Hacks” is a free tool that guides, motivates and rewards you for taking everyday steps on your financial journey, which will help you manifest your financial goals.

A good start is to ensure that you protect what you have so that unexpected life events don’t set you back.

Practise good money karma.

Money karma… sounds far-fetched, right? In fact, it’s quite logical. The principle is that what you put in, you get out. This essentially comes down to two simple steps.

Firstly, be thankful for what you do have. Gratitude is powerful; you will find that the more you count your blessings, the more you have to count — in other words, the more you find in your life to celebrate.

Secondly, understand the principle of giving back. Giving back where you can, she says, creates a positive flow of energy and returns goodness into your life.

Don’t be limited in thinking that you can only “give back” by donating money. Perhaps you don’t have surplus cash to donate, but you have graphic design skills. You can use these skills to design a fund-raising banner for a non-profit organisation (NPO), through a platform such as Forgood, for example.

A practical example of how giving back may return goodness to your own life: through volunteering, you may learn a new skill that will benefit you professionally, or even add a new contact to your network who can help you down the line.

These two steps help to shift your mindset to one of abundance, creating new avenues in your life, and make you more receptive to opportunities that come your way.

The reality is that financial prosperity starts in the mind. To make your money goals a reality, you need to believe that you have the power to do so — and take practical and tangible action to make your vision a reality, one step at a time.

Liezel Gordon is the Client Engagement Team Lead at Metropolitan GetUp.


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