Former deputy finance minister Jabu Moleketi. File picture: Matthews Baloyi/African News Agency (ANA).

PRETORIA – Businessman and former deputy finance minister, Jabulani Moleketi, said on Tuesday that he never held any private corporate interests or positions while he was deputy minister of finance. 

Moleketi, who is the former chairperson of the Public Investment Corporation (PIC), told the Commission of Inquiry into alleged improprieties at the PIC that this was and still is, a requirement of all ministerial positions. 

He is currently a non-executive director of both Harith Fund Managers (HFM) and Harith General Partners (HGP), as well as a non-executive director of Lebashe Investment Group (Lebashe).

Moleketi is making his submission to the commission led by retired Justice Lex Mpati, after being implicated by the leader of the United Democratic Movement (UDM) General Bantu Holomisa, during his testimony before the commission.

HoIomisa presented a statement to the commission in which, he made several allegations both implicit and explicit, of impropriety against Moleketi and others, suggesting a conflict of interest among directors and executives of HFM, HGP and Lebashe.

“Holomisa’s allegations are not only heavily disputed and without any factual support at all, but … they are gratuitously defamatory and severely damaging of me and the others he mentions.

“Even more seriously … Mr Holomisa has long been aware of all of these facts and effects, but that he has nevertheless persisted in the allegations while concealing from the commission both the fact that they have been disputed at length and under oath and his knowledge thereof,” said Moleketi. 

He said this was not the first time that Holomisa has made such allegations. 

“What he has failed to disclose to the commission, as required by Rule 6.5, was that there was an urgent application launched on 5 July 2018 out of the North Gauteng High Court by myself and others against Holomisa and the UDM. This came in the wake of the publication in numerous media, of defamatory allegations by Holomisa and the UDM of and concerning me and others,” he said.

Moleketi told the commission that the allegations with which, that application was concerned, were of exactly the same ilk as the allegations, which the UDM leader had repeated before the commission, primarily about ‘looting sprees’ against innocent public servants’ pensions, a ‘cartel of FIG beneficiaries’ and conflicts of interest. 

He said Holomisa’s claims differed slightly in their detail, with “the invective having been toned down somewhat in the latest incarnation before the commission”.