Navigating career opportunities in the commercial property sector

Mpumelelo Nkosi, administrator: Property Operations at Liberty Two Degrees. Image: Supplied

Mpumelelo Nkosi, administrator: Property Operations at Liberty Two Degrees. Image: Supplied

Published May 12, 2024


By Mpumelelo Nkosi

FROM the onset, my interest in the commercial property sector was sparked by its dynamic nature, which offers opportunities for growth and innovation.

Over time, my perspective changed, taking into account the sector’s complexities and multifaceted nature, which go beyond the daily and monthly transactions, to understanding its broader impact on society and the economy.

I started at Liberty Two Degrees as an intern in 2023, where I worked closely with and assisted asset managers.

Since then, I have gradually assumed more responsibilities, gaining deeper insights into operations, and contributing to strategic decision-making.

This journey has provided me with hands-on experience in managing properties operationally and strategically, understanding market dynamics, and interacting with tenants and other stakeholders.

It has also taught me that working in the commercial property sector is not only about managing assets. It is also about shaping communities. Through strategic investments, I get to witness and be a part of the meaningful process of supporting and uplifting communities.

Getting involved in projects that are aimed at revitalising neglected neighbourhoods, reimagining urban landscapes, and fostering inclusive spaces for all are a few examples of the opportunities that allow us, as a company, to create tangible value and drive positive change.

And each project undertaken is not just a transaction, but a chance to leave a mark – enriching lives and leaving people in the communities we serve better than we found them.

The path to success in every industry is not without challenges. Marked by regulatory shifts, economic fluctuations, and societal demands – the property landscape is ever-evolving. Yet, it is precisely this dynamic nature that drew me in as it allows me to be creative and flexible.

In addition to this, staying curious, continuously learning, and embracing change have been the guiding principles that set me apart in this competitive area.

The future of commercial property is filled with opportunities, awaiting the next generation to shape its trajectory.

My advice to those currently navigating the complexities of the sector is to adopt a proactive spirit and remain steadfast in the pursuit of excellence. Positioning yourself as a valuable change agent, advocate for innovation and be a custodian of community impact – these will set you apart.

For young adults aspiring for a career in commercial property, yes – there will be challenges but there are rewards too that make it worth it.

To be successful in this industry, make it your focus to build relationships, gain diverse experience and keep abreast of industry trends. Embrace every opportunity to learn – whether it be through studying, mentorship programmes or hands-on experience. And, in the powerful words of Arianna Huffington, remember that “failure is not the opposite of success; it is part of success”.

My journey from intern to property administrator at Liberty Two Degrees has not just been a career path; it is a testament to the transformative power of passion, perseverance and purpose.

As I chart the course ahead, I continue to do so by journeying ahead with determination, leaving an enduring legacy of progress and prosperity in my wake.

Mpumelelo Nkosi is an administrator: Property Operations at Liberty Two Degrees.