Opinions differ on family men

By Time of article published Mar 14, 2008

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Bongani Biyela, an executive director of Gold Reef Resorts, has nothing but praise for the controversial Krok trio.

Biyela, who is part of Akani Egoli, which has a 25.1 percent interest in Gold Reef Resorts, said of Solly, one of the twin patriarchs: "He is a very warm someone who feels for others and respects relationships … The Krok brothers have gone further than others in transformation. Black shareholders in the company are debt free. "

The Gauteng Gambling Board required bidders for casino licences to demonstrate how their casino would attract tourism and create jobs. In its application, Akani Egoli put in a construction of a complex known as Freedom Park.

The name was later changed to the South African Apartheid Museum in Freedom Park. The name Apartheid Museum had, however, already been registered as a trademark by Mike Stainbank in 1990.

Stainbank claimed that Solly got to know of the Apartheid Museum idea from a presentation he had made to Biyela.

Stainbank took the matter to court but lost.

Other critics of the museum say it is a privatisation of the misery of apartheid.

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