Picture: The late Pam Golding. ( Screengrab: YouTube).

CAPE TOWN - As South Africa mourns the passing of property and real estate mogul, Pam Golding, we take a look at the woman behind the successful empire. 

Golding was born in 1928 and died on Tuesday at the age of 90 at her Wittebomen home in Constantia. 

She attended the University of Cape Town. 

She was married to the very private Cecil Golding for the majority of her life. 

The property tycoon had three children: Peter and Andrew and Jilly. 

Andrew studied medicine at UCT and is the current CEO of Pam Golding Properties. Andrew is the ex-President of International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI), a board member of ooba and the current President of the Institute of Estate Agents of South Africa (IEASA).

Andrew Golding Via LinkedIn

Peter Golding went to the prestigious St Andrews College in Grahamstown. He went on to study accounting at the University of Stellenbosch and is the current CEO of Pam Golding Commercial. 

Peter has had a significant involvement in community work via the Property Foundation. 

This work is directly and indirectly connected with interests in Education, Business and Music, according to the CEO. 

Peter Golding. Via LinkedIn

Golding started her company, Pam Golding Properties in 1976 and grew her business to what is now considered one of the largest real estate groups in SA. 

In an interview with The Independent in 2009, Golding described the beginning of her property powerhouse. She started her company with a clear vision in mind, to enter the property market and eventually brought her two sons on board too. 

"I just got this idea one day. We (her husband Cecil) and I were a typical, young married couple with two small children. We had just bought our first house but had nothing much else: no furniture. People told me I was mad to start a business in the market as it was then. But I thought to myself, if I can survive in this market, business will fly when things improve."

Her company was reportedly the first to achieve sales turnover figures of R18 billion over a single year. 

Pam Golding Properties currently has more than 300 offices across Africa‚ Europe and the Indian Ocean Islands.

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Our late President Nelson Mandela and his wife Graca Machel were also one of Golding's clients. 

In her interview, Golding recalled how she introduced Mandela and Graca to their new home. 

"I was in bed at home early one morning when the telephone rang. It was around 06:30 and this voice said, ‘I am putting you through to the President of South Africa'. Of course, I thought it was a hoax" she squeals with delight, her face wreathed in smiles.

"Then I heard this famous voice. Well, I got out of bed in no time. And I had to put on a dressing gown. I couldn't talk to the President of South Africa wearing only a nightie."

She said that she did not anticipate that Mandela would actually purchase the home, but he did. 

Just last year, Pam Golding entered a partnership with global investment migration firm, Henley & Partners. This partnership was expected to provide buyers seeking international property assets with a view to acquiring dual residence or citizenship, an end-to-end service.

On Golding's personal location for her dream home, she said that if it was not in South Africa, it would be Cap Ferrat, in the south of France. 

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