PICS: Autograph gin officially launches in Durban

Published Dec 3, 2018


DURBAN - Autograph gin has officially launched in Durban after experiencing success in Cape Town and Johannesburg. 

The handcrafted African dry gin which is made in a distillery in the heart of Stellenbosch is a product that has been exclusively created by Matt Beech. Beech is the youngest gin maker in the country and is completely involved in the process of making the gin. 

This gin is a mix of interesting botanicals and fynbos native to Africa, including citrus Buchu leaves, naartjies; Cape rough skin lemons; wild rosemary; confetti bush and African wormwood have been combined to create this beautifully balanced gin.

Beech said, "We wrote a London Dry recipe based on an African garden. And that garden is right outside the distillery’s doors. Almost all the botanicals are grown onsite at Autograph Gin’s home at Bosman’s Crossing, Stellenbosch. The result is a superb spirit that can best served simply over ice, or paired with interesting ingredients that enhance its profile". 

The exquisite African dry gin holds a prestigious award for excellence. Autograph won the Top Scoring Craft Gin of 2018 award (Distillique Craft Gin Trophy) at the Michelangelo International Wine & Spirits Awards. 

Autograph Gin also won a Loerie Advertising Award in August 2018 for their innovative packaging and design.

"When I initially became interested in producing a gin brand, my research led me to the fascinating history behind the product that dated back to the medieval monks who first experimented with early versions of gin as well as pivotal moments in the evolution of gin-inspired the Autograph brand," explained co-owner Anthony Norton.

Norton and Marcel von Aulock are the co-owners of Autograph gin. 

According to Norton, they are working on a variety of new recipes that people can look forward to in the new year. One of the new recipes that people can look forward to is their pink gin which people got to taste at the launch. Beech said that this new gin gets its distinct pink colour from the hibiscus that is used to make the gin. 

"We want to stay true to our ethos, producing gin recipes based on only natural botanicals and underlying base spirits. We don’t use any synthetic products or food colourants in our gin, nor do we use freeze-dried botanicals and source all of our botanicals (apart from imported Juniper berries and Angelica Root) from our own garden nurseries," added Norton. 

Autograph gin is currently available at select retailers. And priced at R550.

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