Pravin Gordhan
CAPE TOWN - South Africa's future is clearer after December, says Public Enterprises minister, Pravin Gordhan.

Gordhan was speaking at the Bloomberg - Future of South Africa event in Cape Town on Wednesday.

"We have a new leadership with some bright ideas. We need to work with a greater sense of urgency to create jobs and investments," said Gordhan.

"There is growing confidence and as we begin to deliver you will see the change. Words alone wont create the levels of certainty that we require. It needs actions," he said.

Gordhan outlined three key challenges facing the South African economy as he delivered the keynote address to business leaders and media at the event.

Gordhan said that the major challenges were;

  • Investment
  • Joblessness
  • SA's Growth Plan
He was clear that with all these challenges, South Africa had a bright future as President Cyril Ramaphosa had already started to put measures in place to address the challenges which included an International Investment Summit, the CEO youth employment project set to be launched at the end of March and the re-industrialisation of the country's economy.