President Jacob Zuma speaking at the 5TH anniversary of the NDP. Picture: Vernon Pillay.

CAPE TOWN - President Jacob Zuma and number of distinguished guests came together at the Westin Hotel in Cape Town to discuss the successes of the National Development Fund on its 5th anniversary. 

President Zuma took time to honour the people that have contributed to the 5th anniversary of the NDP. Zuma said that 5 years ago South Africans adopted a new socioeconomic blueprint towards a better South Africa. 

Zuma did not shy away from another anniversary celebrated today. "We meet on an important day, 40 years ago freedom fighter Steve Biko died after enduring brutal torture at the hands of the apartheid police. His death shows that our freedom is not free it came at a huge price."

It is the spirit of Steve Biko that South Africa sought to create the NDP, said the President. South Africa's mandate is to plan, monitor and evaluate. It is for this that government established the National Planning Commission. 

"I established the ministry that would also monitor the planning of South Africa's growth". "When we talk about creating a long strategic plan for SA, the only criteria that I consider when I appointed commissioner, was experience in critical areas for creating the NDP.

It was fundamental that we create a plan that was without politics, says the President. Government wanted an NDP that would be accepted and owned by all. After a rigourous process, including stake holders, civil society and labour a team was created to develop a plan that all South Africans would be proud of. 

Zuma went on to thank those who were involved in NDP and especially the members of public who actively engaged in the process. The NDP for Zuma tells the world where our country will be in 2030. 

The South African government's vision is to provide employment to those who seek it, education to those who need it and health care for all. We need to grow the economy in a way that is inclusive, says Zuma. We need to change the patterns of ownership, in favour of the poor and all South Africans

Our collective prosperity can only happen with us bringing this fundamental change, he stressed.  

The president finally concludes that the NDP will remain just a noble goal without active help from budget and government.