07/07/2015 The Telkom precinct, located in the heart of Pretoria,.
07/07/2015 The Telkom precinct, located in the heart of Pretoria,.

Pretoria is the most expensive city in SA - indices

By Staff Reporter Time of article published Jan 7, 2019

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DURBAN - Numbeo and Expatistan have published their cost of living indices for the new year according to BusinessTech. 

The index lists the cheapest and the most expensive cities to live in across the world. 

Numbeo is a data group and Expatistan is an expat portal. 

The 2019 indices compare the cost of living across the globe to a reference city that has an index score of 100 (100 percent). For the Numbeo index the reference city while the reference city for Expatistan is Prague. 
The index examines the relative costs across several categories including rent, the cost of food, transport and entertainment. Local purchasing power is also taken into consideration. 

The Numbeo and the Expatistan indices looks at 433 and  327 cities respectively. 

South African cities

South African cities rank in the middle globally. Pretoria is ranked as the most expensive city in South Africa on both Numbeo and Expatistan.

On the Numbeo index Johannesburg is in second place followed by Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Durban. ON the Expatistan index Port Elizabeth and Durban are switched around. 

# Numbeo Expatistan
1. Pretoria Pretoria
2. Johannesburg Johannesburg
3. Cape Town Cape Town
4. Port Elizabeth Durban
5. Durban Port Elizabeth

Cost of living in South Africa

The table below shows the average prices for the five categories across the five major cities covered by Numbeo and Expatistan. 

The five categories include transport, rent, salaries, utilities and entertainment. 

Average disposable salary Monthly transport costs Rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in the city centre Basic utilities Meal for two people at a restaurant
Pretoria R15481 R1200 R4897 R1273 R500
Johannesburg R18126 R700 R6281 R1395 R500
Cape Town R16306 R370 R10709 R1009 R500
Durban R15124 R350 R4839 R1093 R400
Port Elizabeth R11833 R460 R3727 R1152 R400


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