Johannesburg – The SA Communist Party on Sunday dismissed “with contempt the baseless story” in City Press alleging that the SACP is involved in running the Construction Education and Training Authority (Ceta), and says it will take legal action in this regard.

The newspaper had chosen not to cover the party’s written response to the allegation, which had stated clearly that “There is no single structure or committee of the SACP involved in the running of a Seta [Sector Education and Training Authority]”, the SACP said in a statement.

“The City Press does not have any authority or standing to allocate SACP membership to people who are not members of the party. It is therefore wrong for the newspaper to report that someone is a member of the SACP, whereas in truth that person is not a member of the party. The SACP has its doors open to the media whenever information is requested.

“This despite the fact that at times such information may be marginalised and excluded by some in the media as it might contradict the agenda or angle they have set for a story and want the reader to believe. Untruthful information can only be used deliberately as part and parcel of a smear campaign, in this instance against the SACP, its leaders, and members.”

The SACP had raised serious concerns about the Naspers media monopoly in South Africa and initiated a media transformation campaign, among others, to achieve de-monopolisation, diversity of perspective, robustly independent accountability, fair, and accurate reporting.

“The party will take appropriate legal steps against the Naspers’ Media24 City Press on the story,” the statement said.