Johannesburg - A growing skills deficit in the South African job market poses challenges for employers and job-seekers alike, with skilled trade and executive positions being the hardest to fill. This is according to Manpower South Africa's annual Talent Shortage Survey released on Monday.

The survey sampled 750 businesses in the country and found 34 percent of them were experiencing difficulties filling vacancies. This increased 3 percent compared with last year and by a steep 26 percent compared with 2014.

Artisans, IT personnel, engineers and senior managers and board level managers are ranked as the most sought after skills in the country.

The survey said employers across the globe were facing the most acute talent shortage since the recession in 2007. Of 42 000 employers sampled, 40 percent reported experiencing problems filling roles.

Lyndy van den Barselaar, the managing director of Manpower South Africa, said it had become imperative for job seekers to have a varied skills set to allow them to adapt to the rapidly changed work environment.

Employers were now more inclined to look inside the organisation to retrain their staff. Last year, internal training and development accounted for just 20 percent, but that has jumped to 50 percent.